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#36: Thinking of video?

Posted: March 9th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: microphones, videocasting | 1 Comment »

As you may know wee have been offering video for a while now.

Last week I met Greg Brand of who produces videos for a variety of clients – I thought he’d be the perfect guy to talk to about how to start making videos whether they be a video podcast or a one off for YouTube or your website

Greg mentioned video sitemaps. Neither of us were sure if these were the same as normal sitemaps. It turns out they are, in fact, a separate extension of the Sitemap protocol – here’s a useful link:


#35: Heil SE Electronics Faceoff

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The Heil PR40 vs The SE Elecronics

More scientific tests to compare the Heil.

#34: Heil Shure Faceoff

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The Heil PR40 vs The Shure SM58

In an excited frenzy upon receiving my new Heil PR40, I performed a series of scientific tests to compare it with my trusty Shure SM58.

#33: Getting Interviews and using Skype Out

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Telephone operators, 1952

Today I answer a listener question about the best way to get interviews PLUS the ins and outs of Skype Out.

Photo: Seattle Municipal Archives

#32: Jim Harold – The Paranormal Podcast

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As many of you know – I’m a sucker for the paranormal and conspiracy theories – so it was a tremendous pleasure to have Jim Harold on the show. Jim has a number of podcasts, all based around the paranormal, ghosts, spooky stories and things that go bump in the night:

Jim says that podcasting changed his life. Jim started out in the media side of radio, then discovered podcasting – being inspired by Adam Curry and Leo Laport. Always being passionate about the paranormal, Jim decided to do a show where he interviewed experts in the field (a great strategy). Later, Jim teamed up with Clayton Morris to do the Paranormal Report and Kate Botello (who used to co-host with Leo Laporte on The Screen Savers) on Weird News Radio, his latest show.
In this interview, Jim gives some great insights into the way podcasting can open doors. He also gives us some great podcasting quotes. Jim uses Vodburner to produce his Paranormal Report videocast – this allows you to record two video and two audio streams simultaneously – great fro recording a Skype video interview – check it out.
Jim also has a new book out – Jim Harold’s Campfire – True Ghost Stories.

#31: Dr Chris Smith – The Naked Scientists Podcast

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In today’s episode I talked to Dr Chris Smith who has been podcasting since 2001 (predating even the mighty Adam Curry)! Now that’s early. Chris produces and presents the Naked Scientists Podcast – which started as a radio show. Chris tells how he put the show on the Internet for people to download and how the podcast audience exploded in 2005 as iTunes opened its Podcast Directory.

Chris gives some interesting insights into content creation and getting feedback from your listeners – including setting up core samples of your audience as focus groups. He also covers how great content can carry your content even if you’re not a big name brand.

On another note – I’m running the Brighton Marathon in the Spring – please sponsor my Brighton Marathon run for The Martlets Hospice 😉

#30: Ted Forbes – The Art of Photography Videocast

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Ted ForbesIn today’s show I speak with Ted Forbes, photographer, film maker, teacher and podcaster about his videocast, The Art of Photography. Ted is from Dallas, Texas in the US of A.

#29: Content Strategy for Podcasters – Michael Rose

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Michael Rose

Michael Rose, Content Strategist, gives us some top tips of content and our podcasts. Areas discussed:

  • Definition of Content Strategy
  • Content Strategy for podcasters
  • Writing shownotes before recording
  • Classic journalist techniques for writing – the inverted pyramid
  • The anatomy of a post
  • SEO and your shownotes
  • The difference between categories and tags in WordPress

Some recommended podcasts on content from Michael:

Michael also recommends these books:

And, for good measure, a couple of useful links on the inverted pyramid style:

#28: Questions and Answers

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In today’s show I cover questions about:

  • Premium feeds
  • Low levels from a Rhode Procaster
  • Missing artwork

Plus an improptu interview with a proud owner of the Zoom H1.

#27: Enhanced Podcasts

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I got a question recently about enhanced podcast – in this short show I give my thoughts on what I believe to be a better, more widely compatible alternative.