It’s time to get started in podcasting.

I start off talking about headsets in general - Plantronics do nice ones.

DISCLOSURE: Most of the links to purchase are AFFILIATE LINKS. I’ll get a commission if you end up buying the product. This helps me to feed my children. If you don’t want his to happen just use Google.

For a good condenser microphone – take a look at the Samson C01U. Get it from Dolphin Music (UK).

The Blue Snowball is another condenser microphone worth considering. You can buy this from Apple Store (UK), Dolphin Music (UK).

Both these mics plug straight into your computer via USB.

I talk about the Shure SM58 - this is a popular, robust dynamic microphone (It’s the one I use on this podcast). Bear in mind with this mic that you’ll need something to plug it into - it has an XLR plug that won’t plug directly into your computer. You’ll need an XLR to USB interface, a mixer or a separate audio recorder with XLR inputs such as the Zoom H4.

Purchase the SM58 from Dolphin Music (UK).