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#17: Rob Greenlee

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Today I talk with Rob Greenlee of Zune. Rob tells his story of from the early work with Web Talk Radio to his current role with the Zune podcast directory.

To get your podcast into the Zune podcast directory, send the URL to

#16: Feed fun

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Oh RSS feed, how I love thee (not, very not).

I answer a couple of questions today that involve feeds – and a really juicy one about retro-fitting a Feedburner feed – all good stuff.

I mention the Gumpathon –

And here’s the Redirect plugin for WordPress –

And here’s Julias interview with the Gumpathon boys –

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#15: Audio post production part 1 – normalisation

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In a rather short show today I go into the scintillating world of audio post production – and specifically normalisation. So don your propeller hats and prepare to enter the world of the audiophile. It’ll be worth it though – because this is laying the foundation for the other post production stuff we need to cover such as audio compression – more of that in a later episode…

In other news – here’s Julia Armstrong’s site – and specifically Julia’s podcasts.

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#14: From a career in insurance to full time podcaster – an interview with Cliff Ravenscraft

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In today’s show I chat with Cliff Ravenscraft, of

Cliff shares his story of how he took a leap of faith and went from a career in insurance to a full time podcaster and then podcasting coach. A great interview and some terrific tips from Cliff.


Listener Joe Dale pointed me to the Audacity to Podcast show with Daniel Lewis, and The Podcasting Emporium with James Williams and Dave Gray.

Submitting podcasts to the new Blackberry Podcast Catalogue – here is where to go – – you’ll need to sign up first (pretty painless).