Audio and video have different modes of consumption.


  • is immersive
  • is a foreground process - at computer/media player/TV
  • is visual - great for screencasts, demonstrations,
  • needs to be short - people won’t watch long videos
  • is consumed depending on people’s context - if people find themselves at computer
  • is just preferred by some people


  • is a background process
  • can be consumed while doing other things - driving, operating machinery
  • can be longer form

We need to aim for similar results though:

  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring

Ask yourself some standard questions - if YES to any then consider video:

  • Am I explaining how to use software? - go for a screencast
  • Am I showing how to do something?
  • Would I find a video of this more helpful than a video?
  • Will the visual aspect add any other value?

Talking head videos are not always bad! Think of video as an additional channel - utilise YouTube - potential good exposure - 2nd biggest search engine