As many of you know - I’m a sucker for the paranormal and conspiracy theories - so it was a tremendous pleasure to have Jim Harold on the show. Jim has a number of podcasts, all based around the paranormal, ghosts, spooky stories and things that go bump in the night:

Jim says that podcasting changed his life. Jim started out in the media side of radio, then discovered podcasting - being inspired by Adam Curry and Leo Laport. Always being passionate about the paranormal, Jim decided to do a show where he interviewed experts in the field (a great strategy). Later, Jim teamed up with Clayton Morris to do the Paranormal Report and Kate Botello (who used to co-host with Leo Laporte on The Screen Savers) on Weird News Radio, his latest show.

In this interview, Jim gives some great insights into the way podcasting can open doors. He also gives us some great podcasting quotes. Jim uses Vodburner to produce his Paranormal Report videocast - this allows you to record two video and two audio streams simultaneously - great for recording a Skype video interview - check it out.

Jim also has a new book out - Jim Harold’s Campfire - True Ghost Stories