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What’s the best microphone to get started in podcasting?

I start off talking about headsets in general – Plantronics do nice ones.

DISCLOSURE: Most of the links to purchase are AFFILIATE LINKS. I’ll get a commission if you end up buying the product. This helps me to feed my children. If you don’t want his to happen just use Google 😉

For a good condenser microphone – take a look at the Samson C01U. Get it from , .

The Blue Snowball is another condenser microphone worth considering. You can buy this from , , ,  

Both these mics plug straight into your computer via USB.

I talk about the Shure SM58 – this is a popular, robust dynamic microphone (It’s the one I use on this podcast). Bear in mind with this mic that you’ll need something to plug it aceon 2mg pills $92.00 into – it has an XLR plug that wont plug directly into your computer. You’ll need an XLR to USB interface aceon 2mg pills $92.00, a mixer or a separate audio recorder with XLR inputs such as the Zoom H4. Aceon 2mg pills $92.00

purchase the sm58 from ,  ,  .

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