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#33: Getting Interviews and using Skype Out

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Telephone operators, 1952

Today I answer a listener question about the best way to get interviews PLUS the ins and outs of Skype Out.

Photo: Seattle Municipal Archives

#31: Dr Chris Smith – The Naked Scientists Podcast

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In today’s episode I talked to Dr Chris Smith who has been podcasting since 2001 (predating even the mighty Adam Curry)! Now that’s early. Chris produces and presents the Naked Scientists Podcast – which started as a radio show. Chris tells how he put the show on the Internet for people to download and how the podcast audience exploded in 2005 as iTunes opened its Podcast Directory.

Chris gives some interesting insights into content creation and getting feedback from your listeners – including setting up core samples of your audience as focus groups. He also covers how great content can carry your content even if you’re not a big name brand.

On another note – I’m running the Brighton Marathon in the Spring – please sponsor my Brighton Marathon run for The Martlets Hospice 😉

#29: Content Strategy for Podcasters – Michael Rose

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Michael Rose

Michael Rose, Content Strategist, gives us some top tips of content and our podcasts. Areas discussed:

  • Definition of Content Strategy
  • Content Strategy for podcasters
  • Writing shownotes before recording
  • Classic journalist techniques for writing – the inverted pyramid
  • The anatomy of a post
  • SEO and your shownotes
  • The difference between categories and tags in WordPress

Some recommended podcasts on content from Michael:

Michael also recommends these books:

And, for good measure, a couple of useful links on the inverted pyramid style:

#23: Audio or Video?

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Audio and video have different modes of consumption.


  • is immersive
  • is a foreground process – at computer/media player/TV
  • is visual – great for screencasts, demonstrations,
  • needs to be short – people won’t watch long videos
  • is consumed depending on people’s context – if people find themselves at computer
  • is ust prefered by some people


  • is a background process
  • can be consumed while doing other things – driving, operating machinery
  • can be longer form

We need to aim for similar results though:

  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring

Ask yourself some standard questions – if YES to any then consider video:

  • Am I explaining how to use software? – go for a screencast
  • Am I showing how to do something?
  • Would I find a video of this more helpful than a video?
  • Will the visual aspect add any other value?

Talking head videos are not always bad!
Think of video as an additional channel – utilise YouTube – potential good exposure – 2nd biggest search engine

#7: Skype recording software

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After a rough, sleepless, windy night, followed by an afternoon power nap, I discuss the oft-asked topic of recording conversations from Skype. We start the show with a voice question from Kathryn Colas of Simply Hormones – she’s starting the Simply Hormones Podcast.

Software mentioned:

#5: How to talk from the heart

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Podcasting is all about honesty and authenticity. it’s important to be able to speak from the heart. But this is not always as easy as it sounds. Here are 5 easy tips to get you on your way to speaking with conviction, authenticity and passion.

Thanks to for the excellent photo of Mr Luther King.

#4: How to interview

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