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#26: Podcasts in education – Jonathan Ahlbrand

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Johnathan Ahlbrand

I chatted to Jonathan Ahlbrand who uses podcasts in an education way. Jonathan gives us an insight into Mixcraft, a Windows alternative to Apple’s Garageband and Logic Express. And, true to form, I asked Jonathan all about his latest acquisition – a Blue Yeti microphone.

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#25: Interview with Daniel Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast

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Daniel Lewis

I thoroughly enjoyed my midnight chat with Daniel Lewis. Daniel produces three podcasts, The Audacity to Podcast, Are you just Watching and The Ramen Noodle. Listen out for some great tips on Audacity and podcasting in general.

Daniel’s details:

#24: Interviewing techniques from Alastair McKenzie

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Alastair McKenzie

I met Alastair McKenzie at the Travel Bloggers Unite 2011 event in Mancherster a couple of weeks back. Alastair is an x-radio journalist/editor, now turned to the Internet. In this interview he gives us some killer tips on interviewing and post production with particular reference to using atmospheric backgrounds – great stuff!

#23: Audio or Video?

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Audio and video have different modes of consumption.


  • is immersive
  • is a foreground process – at computer/media player/TV
  • is visual – great for screencasts, demonstrations,
  • needs to be short – people won’t watch long videos
  • is consumed depending on people’s context – if people find themselves at computer
  • is ust prefered by some people


  • is a background process
  • can be consumed while doing other things – driving, operating machinery
  • can be longer form

We need to aim for similar results though:

  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring

Ask yourself some standard questions – if YES to any then consider video:

  • Am I explaining how to use software? – go for a screencast
  • Am I showing how to do something?
  • Would I find a video of this more helpful than a video?
  • Will the visual aspect add any other value?

Talking head videos are not always bad!
Think of video as an additional channel – utilise YouTube – potential good exposure – 2nd biggest search engine

#22: Ciaran Rogers – Consuming podcasts on Android

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Last night I had a chat with Ciaran Rogers who co-hosts the Digital Marketing Podcast. We mention:

  • Marketing your podcast
  • Consuming podcasts in the Android operating system
  • The Blue Mikey
  • Google listen for Android
  • Doubletwist
  • Fine editing in Garageband

#21: Your first Garageband project

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In today’s show I help you to create your first podcast in Garageband on the Mac.

I show you how to record, edit, mix and encode in Garageband, then tag in iTunes.

#20: Benjamin Grundy of Mysterious Universe

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In today’s show I talk to Benjamin Grundy who, along with Aaron Wright, produces the Mysterious Universe podcast.

Stuff mentioned by Ben:

Events I mentioned:

#19: How to set up a voicemail feedback number in the UK

Posted: October 15th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: interaction | 3 Comments »

As far as I can tell, there aren’t many turnkey solutions for setting up a voicemail answer line in the UK. In this episode I show you how to do this using Sipgate.

#18: Audio compression

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After a networking trip to Lewes, I cover the concept of audio compression. What is compression? Why do we use it? How do we use it? All answered in today’s episode.

#17: Rob Greenlee

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Today I talk with Rob Greenlee of Zune. Rob tells his story of from the early work with Web Talk Radio to his current role with the Zune podcast directory.

To get your podcast into the Zune podcast directory, send the URL to