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In today's episode I talked to Dr Chris Smith who has been podcasting since 2001 (predating even the mighty Adam Curry)! Now that's early. Chris produces and presents the  - which started as a radio show. Chris tells how he put the show on the Internet for vardenafil 40mg pills $64.00 people to download and how the podcast audience exploded in 2005 as iTunes [vardenafil 40mg pills $64.00] opened its Podcast Directory. Vardenafil 40mg pills $64.00 chris gives some interesting insights into content creation and getting feedback from your listeners - including setting up core samples of your audience as focus groups. He also covers how great content can carry your content even if you're not a big name brand. On another note - I'm running the Brighton Marathon in the Spring - ;) vardenafil 40mg pills $64.00

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